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How leaders can help enhance employee performance

Welcome to Irreverent Revenue Cycle, a Healthy Outcomes podcast series from Baker Tilly, where we discuss hot topics around revenue cycle performance in the healthcare industry, innovative ways to solve issues for your organization, and practical tips to take with you as you listen.  

On this episode of Irreverent Revenue Cycle, we discuss the employee performance ratio (EPR), a calculation of an employee’s productivity AND effectiveness. Productivity is incremental improvement while effectiveness is exponential improvement. The combination in the EPR is a powerful indicator of employee contribution. Topics addressed in the episode include:

  • The EPR ratio
  • The importance of micro-training and micro-learning
  • Measuring and improving employee performance over time

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About the guest

Shannon Case, Manager, Baker Tilly

Shannon Case is a manager on the healthcare consulting team with Baker Tilly and has more than 25 years of industry experience in driving medical innovation to accelerate organizational growth and helping healthcare organizations gain a competitive edge. She is responsible for providing individual revenue cycle assessments, managing implementations and process redesigns, and has been involved with large process redesigns and transformation projects for healthcare provider organizations.

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