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Monitoring and improving employee performance

Welcome to the first episode of Irreverent Revenue Cycle, a Healthy Outcomes podcast series from Baker Tilly, where we discuss hot topics around revenue cycle performance in the healthcare industry, innovative ways to solve issues for your organization, and practical tips to take with you as you listen.  

On this episode of Irreverent Revenue Cycle, we discuss new ways to measure and improve revenue cycle operations for healthcare provider organizations with subject matter specialist Doug Long. Topics addressed in the episode include:

  • Emerging technologies
  • Work-from-home solutions
  • Monitoring staff performance and effectiveness

Connect with us to hear more about our revenue cycle optimization team.

About the guest

Doug Long, Partner and Managing Director, McMann & Ransford

Doug Long is a partner and healthcare practice leader at McMann & Ransford, a management consulting firm located in Houston, TX. Doug has 30 years of experience in consulting and has helped a number of healthcare providers and health plans with revenue cycle optimization as well as financial and operational improvements.

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