International Forensic Investigations—Local Laws and Regulations

International Forensic Investigations—Local Laws and Regulations

Every country has different laws and regulations, especially in terms of the rights of their employees and their privacy. What might be acceptable in the United States could turn out to be illegal in another part of the globe and jeopardize parts of or even the entire investigation. Learn more about the common potential issues when offering forensic investigation services that arise in providing services to clients with international operations in this three part article series written by Baker Tilly forensic, litigation, and valuation services experts.  

This series will touch on:

  • Local laws and regulations affecting forensic investigations;
  • Cultural differences between countries; and
  • Common administrative issues encountered while conducting international investigations (overcoming IT issues, building an effective team, and considerations when hiring consultants / experts)

With the highly interconnected world and increased globalization over the last couple of decades, having an understanding of international laws, regulations and cultural differences is vital for law firms who assist US clients that have international operations.

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