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Industry 4.0 maturity assessment: Optimizing technology to maximize benefit

As businesses look to improve their operations, they are choosing to do so with advanced technology. While leveraging these new tools can produce substantial benefits, fully implementing and integrating new technology within an enterprise can come with challenges – challenges that can be avoided with proper planning and preparation. Using a road map to determine how your systems, equipment and employees will interact with new technology and then setting up the proper training and conversions will minimize production downtime during the transition and streamline the cutover process.

Even after a new tool has been added to the business, it is common that it is set up to replace inefficient procedures and left to run as expected. These new technologies should not just repair deficient capabilities, but should be optimized to their fullest potential to add all its capabilities to your business and drive future successes to new heights.

Listen to this webinar from Baker Tilly and Plex Systems, part three of a three-part webinar series, to learn how to optimize technology to provide the maximum benefit for your organization. During this webinar, we share:

  • How to prepare for deploying new technology
  • How to support your operations during transition
  • How to optimize new technology to maximize your business benefit

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