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How to maximize community foundation giving days

Giving days hosted by your local community foundation are a great way to turbocharge your fundraising efforts with one high-impact, 24-hour giving blitz.

During “Give Miami Day” or “Chicago Gives”-type events, the community foundation does its part by driving traffic to an official giving day website. Some foundations even give away cash prizes to nonprofits in contests throughout the day. Donors then choose the issues or organizations most important to them and make a secure online donation.

Here are some ways you can maximize these giving day opportunities:

Register on time. Thoroughly complete the registration form. This information will be used to create your giving day profile, so tell your story and fill out everything requested.

Attend the training. The community foundation will typically provide a toolkit and all the support you need. So don’t miss the kick-off meeting, where you’ll get an overview of the event as well as guidance on goal and strategy planning. There may also be webinars or other training on the mechanics of your giving day.

Craft your message. Build a compelling narrative for the giving day that creates excitement and engagement. Feature your inspiring stories on special landing pages — and crank up the engagement factor with games, activities and contests.

Mind the mechanics. Cross all of your technology t’s by ensuring that your giving process is clean and simple (and also set up for mobile). Set things up so that an automated thank-you and tax receipt is sent and that instant reporting on your progress is available throughout the day.

Prep properly. Use the time before the giving day to cultivate matches and prizes that will further incentivize donors, and encourage pledges to donate in advance. Build out communication programs leading up to the day of giving — including traditional advertising, emails, social media updates and more.

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