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How to develop a strong data strategy to kick-start digital transformation

Many businesses know that they do not have the right data in hand to make decisions at a speed that successfully supports and grows the business. Today’s business decisions are being made from an abundance of incoming data, and a company that gets better at harnessing data will see positive transformation in its people, processes and overall business results. Leveraging your data goes beyond just implementing tools. It is the journey your business takes to understand what is important to measure and how you use that information to drive improved decision-making.

Baker Tilly Digital hosted a webinar that explained how to develop a data strategy that supports your business’s data maturity to improve your overall organizational transformation. Dave DuVarney and Jordan Anderson discussed how to understand the current state of your key data before getting the right team in place to carry out a simplified Agile model (AM) process to quickly advance your business along the maturity model, resulting in true digital transformation.

Watch the webinar recording below to walk away with:

  • An outline to help your company carry out a successful data strategy plan
  • An understanding of the current state of your key data and how a data maturity model can help guide your data analytics journey
  • Steps to put the right team in place to propel your business up the maturity model
  • Tips on how to carry out a simplified AM process for a data analytics project

Download the slides here.

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