Attracting employees to join public sector organization in a tight labor market

How to attract employees to your organization in a tight labor market

As with almost everything during the COVID-19 pandemic, the face of the workplace has changed. While many companies sent their employees to work from home for well over a year now, myriad public sector organizations operated in a more traditional fashion, pivoting towards a hybrid work approach or remaining closed for a few months during coronavirus surges. However, with proper safety precautions in place, a government entity can offer a lot of benefits to candidates seeking a flexible, satisfying and rewarding career serving the public. In this current job market with many opportunities available, job seekers are picky, and therefore, it is important to hone in on the most strategic ways to promote your organization, particularly for millennial and Generation Z individuals entering the workforce.

Consider the following perks that advantageously contribute to an organization’s culture when trying to market your organization to job seekers:

  • Job fulfillment
  • Benefits
  • Pensions

An article published by SHRM this past spring revealed younger workers are prioritizing benefits that older members of the workforce may not find as important, including quicker and more informal communication when it comes to recruitment, paths to job promotion and the organization’s culture. If an organization can establish and promote a culture that attracts younger workers to get them in the door, they will stay for the benefits and pensions.  

The question then becomes how to best market your organization to recruit top talent. Recommended practices include:

Leverage social media

The current labor pool uses social media now more than ever. If your organization does not have a social media presence, now is the time to establish one. It not only provides timely and helpful information for your community but can serve as a critical resource for job seekers.

Develop and update job descriptions

When composing new and updating current descriptions for position openings, post them to your social media platforms, your organization’s website and third-party job advertisement platforms. Create a framework highlighting the organization’s benefits and pensions that can be utilized for all descriptions and their advertisements. This framework should be adaptable for all positions: union and non-union, administrative and management. View a job description as a bragging tool for the organization.

Create and maintain a dedicated recruiting page on your organization’s website

This webpage, while a valuable recruiting tool, can also serve as a source of information for your employees. Explain your organization’s benefits and highlight specific items that make your organization stand out: holidays, work schedules, flexible work hours (when applicable), employee assistance programs, perks, etc. Remember, benefits do not just mean traditional healthcare, so highlight what makes your organization unique. Publish sample monthly premiums if that can bolster your argument. Talk about employee appreciation programs, events or gatherings. Consider pulling in anecdotes from staff expressing why they chose and still work there. Your seasoned employees are an excellent source for testimonials and requesting their endorsement also shows that you value them. Finally, discuss the benefits of public service. Job fulfillment for many employees includes finding worth in one’s day job. The public sector can deliver on this in a way the private sector cannot – through service to a community and people. This page should create a one-stop shop for potential future and current staff and will add long-term value to your organization.

Using the tools you likely already have (social media, job descriptions and a website) can provide simple resources to market your organization to the workforce of tomorrow. If your organization already possesses the traits workers are looking for, the challenge is implementing the most appropriate ways to demonstrate them.

For more information or help with job descriptions development and/or digital resources, connect with our Public Sector Advisory consultants.

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