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Higher Ed Advisor: scouting the growth of data analytics in collegiate athletics

Welcome to Higher Ed Advisor, the Baker Tilly podcast series where we speak with higher education industry leaders about practical and proactive guidance to help colleges and universities protect and enhance their value.

Data analytics is an increasingly valuable tool to help colleges and universities make strategic decisions that impact student and institutional success. University of Pittsburgh Director of Analytics for Athletics, Richard Turnquist, and Associate Athletic Director for Business Services, Ryan Varley, share their experience from implementing an effective data analytics platform for the Pitt Panthers’ athletic department and the role data plays in enhancing visibility into finances, sports science and administration.

Podcast highlights:

  • Aligning multiple data sources for a holistic view of university constituents (alumni giving, ticketing and merchandising, etc.)
  • Using data to quantify athletic programs’ return on investment (ROI)
  • Maintaining data accuracy and integrity and having a strategy and knowledgeable users to leverage a data analytics tool is paramount
  • Analyzing data post-pandemic to observe changes in constituent behavior that helps inform future athletic program plans
  • Leveraging data analytics beyond the athletic department to make campus-wide decisions

Tune in for advice from two trailblazers who established a robust data analytics solution for the University of Pittsburgh’s athletic department.

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Meet this episode’s guest speakers:
  • Richard Turnquist, Director of Analytics for Athletics, University of Pittsburgh
  • Ryan Varley, Associate Athletic Director for Business Services, University of Pittsburgh

Interested in more information about College Athletics Analytics Professionals (CAAP), the community organization Richard helped found? Contact CCAP to learn more.

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