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Podcast | Collegiate athletics and esports

Higher Ed Advisor: outlining esports strategies to maximize institutional and student success with NACE

Esports does help students have that sense of belonging to their campus. It also allows institutions to reach different demographics.
Ashley "AJ" Jones, Director of Membership Sales and Services, NACE

Welcome to Higher Ed Advisor, the Baker Tilly podcast series where we speak with higher education industry leaders about practical and proactive guidance to help colleges and universities protect and enhance their value.

Esports is growing rapidly across higher education as institutions recognize the countless opportunities these programs present in their quest to differentiate themselves and take part in this exciting digital playing field. The National Association of Collegiate Esports’ (NACE) Director of Membership Sales and Services, Ashley "AJ" Jones, joins us in this energetic podcast to explore the unique connection between esports and higher education. We examine how esports programs allow institutions to enhance and diversify their athletics culture, create a sense of belonging for students and expand athletic and other pathways for the students and campus.

AJ shares developments that NACE is closely monitoring and outlines:

  • How aligning the strategic objective of the program with the institution’s mission helps lay a solid foundation and chart a course for success in esports
  • The critical role having a strategic and collaborative approach plays when establishing or enhancing a campus esports program
  • Esports best practices that can prevent common missteps that occur when institutions start their programs
  • The impact of Title IX and name, image and likeness (NIL) on esports
  • The future of collegiate esports and what institutions need to think about as the competitive world of video gaming is here to stay

Plus, hear how esports can serve as an institution’s strategic recruitment and retention tool and other key tips to guide institutions to be esports ready.

Meet this episode’s guest speaker

  • AJ Jones, Director of Membership Sales and Services, NACE
Many institutions are seeing the benefits to their students and to their communities, as a whole, to start esports programs.
Adrienne Larmett, CRA, MBA, Principal, Higher Education Risk Advisory, Baker Tilly
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