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Podcast | Collegiate Athletics and Esports

Higher Ed Advisor: esports – investing in the future of collegiate sporting programs

Welcome to Higher Ed Advisor, the Baker Tilly podcast series where we speak with higher education industry leaders from across the firm about practical and proactive guidance to help colleges and universities protect and enhance their value.

Esports has gained worldwide attention over the past several years. Today, there are more than 475 E-sports programs and clubs on college campuses, with thousands of students engaging in esports.

This podcast discusses the ins and outs of esports at the collegiate level. We discuss the difference between gaming and esports, why esports is a lucrative investment for higher education institutions, how colleges and universities are adapting esports into their curriculums and the various challenges and opportunities associated with having an esports league at your institution.

Meet this episode’s guest speaker:

Dan Cardell, Managing Partner, Nations Ventures LLC, Managing Partner, Esports Ventures LLC and former Chairman of the Board of Trustees at Wilkes University

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