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Higher Ed Advisor: building a community around collegiate esports at Stockton University

Welcome to Higher Ed Advisor, the Baker Tilly podcast series where we speak with higher education industry leaders about practical and proactive guidance to help colleges and universities protect and enhance their value.

Stockton University’s esports program is growing quickly. Scott Huston, Chief Information Officer, and Demetrios Roubos, Information Security Officer and Esports Program Manager, discuss how esports got its start at Stockton, fosters student engagement and community collaboration, opens new professional growth and career path opportunities and helps drive the university’s diversity and inclusion approach.

As esports is part of Stockton’s information technology (IT) department (vs. being a club or varsity sport like at many other institutions), this podcast includes unique insights from Scott and Demetrios on:

  • Policies and standards in place to ensure a safe, compliant and team-oriented esports environment
  • Navigating rules in real-time to support student success and community involvement without a governing body
  • The esports program’s internal security controls setup
  • Key cybersecurity and privacy considerations and advice for fellow institutions
  • Where an esports minor fits within Stockton’s academic programs
  • Importance of having a balanced and purposeful budget that meets student needs

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Meet this episode’s guest speakers
  • Scott Huston, Chief Information Officer, Stockton University
  • Demetrios Roubos, Information Security Officer and Esports Program Manager, Stockton University
Collegiate esports facility hosting tournament

Esports evaluation guide 2.0: A deeper dive into establishing or enhancing an esports program at your institution

Developing an engaging and inclusive collegiate esports program requires a solid framework and strategic plan to meet growing student interest and revenue opportunities. Our esports guide 2.0 offers seven key steps to evaluate, establish or enhance your institution’s esports team.

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