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Higher Ed Advisor: bolstering Penn State Rugby with collaboration, communication, education and passion

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COVID-19 intensified financial pressures and other challenges for collegiate athletic programs across the country, prompting many team leaders to execute creative approaches to preserve their programs while keeping student success and wellness a top priority, including Penn State University Men’s Rugby Head Coach, Justin Hundley.

Justin joins Higher Ed Advisor to share how Penn State Rugby, a non-traditional (non-varsity) team sport, exemplified teamwork on and off the field to address various challenges and help support financial need during the pandemic. The student athletes, coaching staff and Booster Club pulled together resources to fund and fundraise while continuing to promote rugby as an inclusive sport and expand alumni, athletic department, fan, family and community engagement to generate more advocates for the program.

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Please note two minor corrections to this podcast post-recording:

  • Penn State Women's Rugby are 12-time National Champions in USA Rugby 15s
  • Due to COVID-19, the 2021 Women's Rugby World Cup has been postponed until October 2022, thus will not be played in 2021
Meet this episode’s guest speaker:
  • Justin Hundley, Men’s Rugby Head Coach, Penn State University

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