Case Study

High school district outsources business management to maximize resources

Our client’s need

A high school district with a $17 million annual budget, funded primarily from local and state sources, determined it would be most cost effective to outsource some business management duties to supplement the superintendent’s daily operations instead of hiring a full time employee to perform the work.

Baker Tilly solution

Baker Tilly was selected as the outsourced business manager because of our extensive experience with regulatory requirements affecting the district’s financial reporting. Specifically, we help the district with the preparation, analysis, and board presentation of:

  • Monthly financial information
  • Annual levy
  • Annual budget
  • Periodic financial consulting services including:
  • Chart of account compliance
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Grant reporting
  • General ledger software maintenance

Baker Tilly also assists in the completion and filing of documentation related to the levy and annual budget with the county and state.

Results achieved

By outsourcing business management activities, the district is able to maintain a high level of financial accountability and conserves money with the flexibility of adjusting external resources during busy periods. With Baker Tilly’s analysis, the district and its board members are able to:

  • Take timely action on variances from expectations in the financial reports
  • Understand and monitor the financial results to identify potential areas of concern
  • Perform additional reviews of expenditures to identify opportunities for annual budget reductions
  • Maintain compliance with the state’s regulatory requirements for the chart of accounts and customize it to the needs of the district and other external agencies

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