GSA’s Consolidation Initiative and the Professional Services Schedule

GSA’s transition to a single, consolidated Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) for Professional Services is currently underway and expected to be complete in late 2015.  The new Professional Services Schedule (PSS) will consolidate services previously offered under the MOBIS (874), PES (871), FABS (520), AIMS (541), LOGWORLD (874V), Environmental (899) and Language (738II) Schedules, and the resulting PSS will be based on the existing platform for the Consolidated Schedule (00CORP).  This consolidation is mandatory.  The migration process continues to evolve, so all affected services contractors should stay apprised for future updates and developments related to the PSS consolidation.

In the meantime, to avoid potential issues and/or delays during this transitional period, prospective contractors should submit new offers for Professional Services under the Consolidated Schedule solicitation. Current contractors should use this as an opportunity to revisit their Commercial Sales Practices (CSP) disclosures to ensure that they are current, accurate and complete - since these disclosures may present significant risks if they are not.  As is the case with all FSS contracts, contractors should ensure that the underlying CSP disclosures are clear and comprehensive – typically supported by a detailed analysis of historical sales data

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