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Grocery benchmarks report

Key performance indicators for grocers

Grocers operate in a fast-paced marketplace with ongoing challenges such as rising costs, economic concerns, employee turnover rates and changing consumer habits. As a result, evaluating your store against key industry metrics is vital to staying competitive in the industry.

grocery KPI report

The second annual benchmarking report, developed by Baker Tilly’s grocery specialists, is designed to help grocers identify opportunities and make informed decisions to improve their store’s performance. The report outlines key metrics using operational and financial data from grocers across the United States and features 2018 data and previous year data to help you compare year-to-year. Specific metrics include:

  • Average transaction price
  • Average weekly volume per store
  • Rent percentage
  • Store labor percentage
  • Inventory turnover
  • Effective interest rate
  • Sales-to-investment ratio
  • And other key areas

Not every guideline will relate to every grocery; for help in determining which benchmarks are appropriate for you or to learn how Baker Tilly retail specialists can assist you, please contact our team.

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