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How modern technology is transforming government property management

Modern technology is constantly advancing and empowering smart organizations to move faster and with more efficiency than ever. Government property managers need to embrace these technologies not only to improve productivity but also better position themselves for compliance to their contract obligations.

This session explores the latest technological advancements in RFID, data collection and automated reporting to government systems for today’s government property manager. Although this technology can provide significant operational efficiencies along with improved audit readiness, it's never been more important to establish and understand internal controls and contractor self assessments.

Areas of focus will include:

  • The key FAR 52.245-1 outcomes that are impacted dramatically with the latest government property technology
  • How to balance automated technologies with internal controls and contractor self assessments
  • Benefits of automated reporting to government systems (PIEE, WAWF, etc.)
  • Interconnectedness of the business systems and the importance of integration with accounting, estimating and purchasing systems

A practical look at how government property managers can leverage modern technology.

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