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Getting e-commerce strategy right

B2B e-commerce is more than just a channel for companies, it is a way to shift offline businesses into high gear online and provide a world class multi-channel customer experience that customers expect. According to Forrester Research, the current B2B e-commerce market is on track to hit $1.18 trillion by 2021. Despite this tremendous growth, B2B digital strategies and capabilities are far less mature than their business to consumer (B2C) counterparts. B2B companies are increasing investment in digital capabilities, but questions still remain as to whether they are getting the most out of their money. Even with the higher levels of investment, 47 out of 50 corporate buyers believe suppliers need to invest more in making the online experience of B2B as easy as B2C, which would indicate significant room for improvement on the investments being made.

From a historical perspective, a gap in strategy has existed, with many organizations failing to see the linkage between their e-commerce efforts and their customer strategies. Whether your investments are targeted to attract new customers or keep the ones you currently have, your e-commerce strategy needs to focus on improving the overall customer experience.

In this whitepaper you will learn:

  • The history of B2B e-commerce
  • Foundational drivers and key considerations as you define your e-commerce strategy
  • The importance of defining your key customer strategies and how e-commerce can support them

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