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Finding the right technology enablers for B2B marketers to better sell

The good news is that there are a lot of solutions as we mentioned early that are out there and there is probably confusion based on how much that are there. They help you better engage. I think the problem that organizations that are stalled in making a decision on “what are the right solutions” is based upon what’s available, and that is another area that we help our clients with is: “How do you digest that solutions have that’s out there in the marketplace.” And we really focus on three key aspects of solutions that are available in the market that help zero our clients in on what they should be leveraging:

1) Digital Personas to Empower the Buyer Experience

You want to look for solutions that help you craft messaging around a digital persona. So, this idea of “I need to be able to say the right thing to the right buyer based on the way in which they buy, and who they are and how they run the organization.

2) Platforms to Deliver Greater Value

The second factor are the solutions that aggregate sets of capabilities. So, marketing, probably like any other functional area in an organization has more “best of breed” solutions, if you will, to deal with. What does that mean? That means that marketers have to knit together a number of different disparate solutions, more often than not, to accomplish their goals and objectives. And, those are calories that organizations do not have the time to expand. Their time is better spent on focusing on a better understanding of the buyer, and that process. So, it’s focusing on solutions that provide you a platform of capabilities that deliver the greatest value over the greatest set of capabilities, and then reduce the need to be able to go to that process of integrating things together.

3) Tight, Context-driver Integration with Sales Solutions

So my third aspect is tighter, enriched integration between marketing solutions and sales solutions. That’s obvious, I think, because we talk about the ways in which marketing and sales work together. Well, if marketing and sales are coming together to manage the messaging that marketers yield in order to qualify and better qualify pursuits, I need to have a way in which I can cost effectively and pretty efficiently be able to provide that information to a professional sales person. So not only am I identifying that “here is a qualified lead and someone who is ready to buy” so worth your time Mr/Mrs sales person. But, giving them all of the context for what’s come prior to that, like:

  • Why do I say that they are qualified?
  • What’s the content?
  • What’s the messaging that they’ve digested?
  • How far along are they in the understanding of the value their organization is going to deliver to them?

So, that the conversation that you have in person can be crafted around the things that they’ve learned in an online and digital sense.

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