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Leveraging RWE to grow your business with a high-multiple ROI

Market access is a key area for any life sciences company, and developing an evidence generation strategy is paramount for market access success. To help achieve market access success, real world data (RWD) is able to provide direct insight into the daily application of a drug or medical device. Once RWD is gathered, real world evidence (RWE) can be developed to publish your value proposition in the peer-reviewed literature and facilitate payer coverage and key opinion leader (KOL)/provider adoption. When used in an evidence generation strategy, RWE can effectively communicate product value to your desired stakeholders.

Listen to Baker Tilly’s on-demand, informative webinar about how life science companies can utilize RWE to demonstrate clinical and economic value and improve your market access strategy. Our team discusses:

  • The types of RWE and the advantages of each option
  • How to effectively communicate product value
  • Ways RWE can support an evidence generation strategy
  • The rise of value-based care (VBC) and its connection to RWE
  • Financial considerations of payers regarding

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