Drive Your MarTech, Don't Let It Drive You

Drive your MarTech, don't let it drive you

Authored by Todd Wilkerson and Kelly Dougan

Have your marketing technology (MarTech) tools been running like a well-oiled machine and now you are ready for more progressive features? Fantastic, but where do you start? How do you assess, select and prioritize new capabilities?  Are they readily available in your solution stack or do you need to add yet another vendor?

Add new tools and components in a reactive manner versus in a well thought out way and before you know it you are off-track, have major capability gaps, duplicate tools and limited capacity to add new features.  So how do you drive your MarTech strategy without letting the technology drive you?

In this webinar recording we will share:

  • A comprehensive assessment framework and the 26 capabilities that mature marketing organizations possess
  • How to apply the assessment framework to accurately determine where you are now and where you want to be in the future
  • How to uncover capability gaps and misalignment of your MarTech stack
  • How to prioritize capability improvements, from immediate triage to multi-phase programs (with a bias for action and value creation)
  • How to create an action plan and roadmap to accelerate your MarTech strategy

Get more from the marketing technology you use today.

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