Baker Tilly Digital principal Dave DuVarney discusses technology trends

Dave DuVarney discusses technology trends and AWS collaboration

Listen to Dave DuVarney discuss what the inaugural BT Digital and AWS DeepRacer event can offer for participants.

Dave DuVarney is a principal on our Baker Tilly Digital team with nearly 20 years of experience in advanced data analytics solutions. He uses a disciplined, process-driven approach and enhanced data insights to help businesses transform. Dave joined Baker Tilly through the acquisition of Talavant, a Wisconsin–based data analytics management consulting firm where he served as President.

  1. What led you to working in the data analytics world?
    I actually fell into it. I worked for a niche data and analytics company where I did application development. I’ve always been interested in process improvement and measuring that improvement, so I quickly gravitated towards this kind of work. That work drove me closer to the data side of things.
  2. What do you enjoy most about working for Baker Tilly Digital?
    I love the breath of experiences of Baker Tilly Digital team members. The broader we get the more experiences we have and the richer type of solutions we can offer to our clients.
  3. Due to the pandemic, what obstacles and/or opportunities are clients seeing?
    From an opportunity perspective or just a general awareness, people are recognizing that when the world is changing around you quickly, you cannot wait for information. The days of getting the month-end financial report are not quick enough to actually make insightful decisions and move forward. You need that information in your fingertips all the time.
  4. What digital strategy and technology trends do you expect to see in 2021?
    In the near term, we’re seeing a lot of push in the areas of data governance. Organizations have a good handle on how their data is defined and managed, as well as being accurately completed. It is very important for that right now. We will continue to see an interest in machine learning, so we are seeing clients go a level deeper from their analytics and driving from that prescriptive nature to predictive.
  5. What does the collaboration with AWS mean for Baker Tilly Digital?
    Our collaboration with AWS gives us a strong channel partner to both help us drive adoption into the market and give us a broader reach across the number of clients. As a partner, it gives us excellent resources to lean on as we work to increase our skills and experience with their platform.
  6. What opportunities can clients take advantage of with this collaboration?
    Our clients can have access to those subject matter resources in a more direct connection within that vendor. We can help bridge that gap between what the business is looking for and what the vendor can provide.
  7. Describe what the inaugural DeepRacer event and the masterclasses can offer for clients and prospects.
    The DeepRacer league offers a community where those with similar interests can work on solving a problem in a fun and enriching environment. The masterclasses are clearly there to help individuals increase their skills, learn from both Baker Tilly Digital & AWS experts and dive a level deeper into the subjects we are offering classes on.
  8. Did you take up any hobbies during quarantine? / What do you like to do outside of the office?
    Even before quarantine, I always enjoyed staying active and exercising. In the beginning of quarantine when gyms weren’t open, I had to build a makeshift gym in my backyard. I had a rock and a towel to swing around. It seemed to work pretty well! During quarantine, I stumbled onto a guitar in my sister’s basement and started taking lessons. I’ve kept up with it since June! I’m terrible, but it gives me something to work on in the evenings.

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Dave DuVarney
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