Consultant uses data analytics to address strategic growth

Data strategy canvas discussion: identifying opportunities and developing actionable solutions for your data

For most organizations, lacking data is not an issue but determining how to prioritize data and put it into action is a common challenge.

Baker Tilly has organized the major components of a data strategy into four pillars: People, Process, Technology, and Organization. Listen to the recording of this one-hour session, where we will utilize a data strategy worksheet to review each of these pillars and their components, and how to identify the strengths and weaknesses in your data solutions. After assessing how your organization performs in each of these areas, you will be able to develop a targeted plan to improve the effectiveness of your data.


  • Christie Vick, Manager, Consulting, ETDS Digital
  • Nathan Olson, Senior Consultant, ETDS Digital

Learn more about our data strategy canvas session and how it can help you begin to develop your data strategy.

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