Man studies technology on tablet in manufacturing setting

Data ecosystems for changing market demand

Over the last 15 years, the automotive industry has gone through massive disruption. This disruption has ranged from new car and ride-sharing models, consumer demand shifts, geopolitical considerations, and a rapid increase in electrified vehicle protection.

There are two critical elements for any manufacturing business when looking at their products: 1) how much a customer is willing to pay, and 2) the cost to deliver the product over the agreement lifetime. The ability to quickly calculate and leverage each variable in dynamic market conditions is more critical now than ever. Knowing the market price and cost points is challenging, yet planning how to change the manufacturing process ahead of both direct and indirect cost shifts is often a more difficult task.

In order to adapt to and proactively address evolving change, organizations need an agile business model, an effective workforce, and efficient processes in place. Learn more in the full article below, reprinted courtesy of OESA.

Peter J. Pearce
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