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Data analytics: writing your story of fiscal resiliency in times of chaos

Listen to Baker Tilly as our higher education specialists presented a webinar on fiscal resiliency with the Central Association of College and University Business Officers (CACUBO).

The ability to assess your fiscal situation and articulate an effective plan to ensure long-term fiscal resiliency is critical in these challenging times. Listen to Baker Tilly as we discussed key approaches and tools to effectively gain broad institutional support of crucial (and often times difficult) decision and actions. Specifically, hear about how other institutions are using analytics to drive important changes in their business models and refocus institutional strategy based on what the data is telling them.

Key learning objectives

After listening to this webinar, attendees will be able to:

  • Recognize the importance of a holistic approach to solving fiscal issues
  • Articulate impactful methods and best practices to isolate and address performance gaps and solutions
  • Gain insight into critical fiscal drivers and available data analytics tools
  • Identify key steps to engage other stakeholders as partners in making critical change to strategy and long-term fiscal resiliency achievement

For more information on this topic or to learn how Baker Tilly’s specialist can help, contact our team.

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