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Data analytics: how to use your data to drive business decisions

Banks have been collecting data on their loans, deposits, and customers for years so why not use that data to better understand their risks and opportunities. Through data visualization platforms, institutions can more effectively manage its loan portfolio by assessing concentrations, credit risk, and pricing strategies to successfully navigate through the current interest rate environment and potential future economic downturn.

Watch our complimentary on-demand webinar for a discussion that explores data analytics and how it provides banks with key insights surrounding its deposit base to better compete in this extremely competitive deposit market all while limiting impacts to its margin. Our industry specialists also explore how data analytics can aide in accomplishing an institution’s strategic growth initiatives.

Key takeaways:

  • The importance of collecting and analyzing your own data
  • Some data points are needed to drive effective business decisions
  • How to illustrate strategies to identify key areas of risk within your loan portfolio
  • Better understand your customer’s behaviors through your data to more successfully retain the accounts in the future
  • Describe key factors to assess when developing your growth strategy whether organically or through M&A
  • Segment your portfolio to better price loans and deposits
  • Develop region-specific marketing strategies when launching new products and services
  • Summarize the benefits of the visualization software, Tableau, and how it can be used within your institution

Download the slides.