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Cybersecurity challenges for non-governmental and not-for-profit organizations

Cyber criminals want to steal the personally identifiable information of your customers, clients, donors, and employees. Identifying and mitigating cyber risks is critical – but where do you start? Subject matter specialists Mike Cullen and Michael Wright discussed cybersecurity challenges unique to non-governmental organizations (NGO) and not-for-profit organizations in a recent live session, including:

  • Impact of data breaches to organizations
  • How cyber criminals are attacking your organization (because they are!)
  • Developing and formalizing an incident/breach response plan
  • What your organization can do to reduce cybersecurity risks
  • The role of the board in cyber-risk oversight

Watch the session above or download the session materials below. You’ll find information on how to:

  • Raise awareness of the threats and the potential cost that a breach could have on your organization
  • Establish an understanding of what your organization and board can do to reduce the likelihood and impact of a breach
  • Identify key characteristics and aspects within an incident/breach response plan and how this plan will reduce the impact of the unfortunate event

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