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Cybersecurity and business continuity challenges in the work-from-home era

Working from home has become commonplace for many businesses—changing the landscape of business continuity and emerging cybersecurity threats. While business leaders are inundated with internal and external guidance, it is vital for organizations to break through the clutter to understand their vulnerabilities. Companies have become increasingly dependent on new technologies and outsourcing, making third party risk management more important than ever.

In this on-demand webinar, we discuss how the alternative asset community can adapt to business continuity concerns and elevated cybersecurity threats in the new work-from-home era. The webinar covers:

  • Why cybersecurity and business continuity is pertinent right now, common fraud schemes and data protection challenges due to COVID-19
  • How clients have changed internal processes and relationships with investors and service providers in response to cyber threats
  • Preparedness for a cyberattack and determining time and monetary capabilities
  • Predictions on what the SEC will focus on this year and client awareness of the NY Shield Act
  • How returning to the office will impact business, what it will look like and how to prepare to welcome your workforce back

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