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Is your business prepared if a cybersecurity incident occurs? Do you know what the business interruption (BI) implications would be? Does your organization have cyber insurance coverage in place, and is it the right coverage?

Cyber insurance can be a key piece of your overall business interruption mitigation strategy…if you properly determine your need. The COVID-19 pandemic has created further risks for cybersecurity insurance policies making it more important than ever before for businesses to be prepared for a cyber event.

Take our 10-minute cyber preparedness and business interruption survey to contribute to the benchmark data and you will receive a copy of the final survey results, after the survey closes.

Who should take the survey?
This survey is intended for professionals involved with their organization’s cybersecurity programs, including CIOs, CISOs, CTOs, CEOs, COOs, CFOs and other executives.

What about my data?
We take your privacy seriously. Data submitted during the survey will not be shared outside our organization. All data in the report will be anonymous.

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