Craft dashboard and analytics services - demonstration webinar

Craft dashboard and analytics services - demonstration webinar

Analyzing the right data will help breweries of all sizes identify opportunities for growth. However with so much information available to breweries such as sales-to-retail (STRs), CRM data, state shipment reports, etc. it is easy to become overwhelmed. Key performance indicators (KPIs) are the critical metrics against which progress can be measured. We specialize in dashboards that offer KPI targeting/tracking that will help you identify opportunities and avoid the typical pitfalls businesses encounter in volatile industries.

Watch Baker Tilly dashboard specialist, Emily Wells, present a short demo of our craft dashboard, which provides a comprehensive view of methods to analyze your sales performance. See for yourself how this powerful tool can transform your raw data into usable information to help grow your business.

For more information on our craft dashboard and analytics services, call our craft brewery team 608 240 ALES (2537).

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