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Conflict minerals: practical approaches to compliance

The May 31, 2014 deadline for filing is quickly approaching!

How will your company ensure compliance with the new requirements in the most efficient and effective way?

Section 1502 of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010 requires manufacturers that are registered with the SEC to:

  • Determine if their products contain "conflict minerals"
  • Investigate the source of the minerals and determine whether they may have originated in the Democratic Republic of Congo or surrounding countries (DRC Conflict Region)
  • File the appropriate report with the SEC by May 31, 2014

Our panel of professionals in compliance, law, and manufacturing will share:

  • A brief background of the conflict minerals requirements
  • Practical approaches to compliance from a variety of perspectives, including that of a company currently undertaking compliance initiatives
  • How the law affects non-SEC registrants

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