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Compliance program game plan - helping protect your organization's reputation

Co-authored by: Thomas Fox

This is intended as a guide for chief compliance officers (CCOs) and those responsible for developing and implementing compliance policies and procedures for an organization. Compliance, when done properly and embraced fully, should be seen as a necessary business process. It is our vision that companies have more than a best-in-class compliance program going forward. The time is now for companies to take the next step up to make compliance a part of the business process of the organization. 

This would not only allow companies to meet the Department of Justice’s requirement that compliance programs be more fully operationalized, but it is our firm belief, that a more effective compliance program will make the company’s internal controls operate more efficiently and enable it to operate more profitably. With the increased efficiencies for compliance offered by data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI), a robust compliance program can demonstrate internal commercial inefficiencies which can be remediated for greater return from assets.

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“I have just read the Compliance Program Game Plan which you co-authored. You have saved me several weeks work because I had wanted to write such a guide. It is excellent, probably far better than I could have achieved.”
Adrian Pay | Director – Dynamic – GRC
“I like waking up in the morning to goodies like this! A fantastic guide for Chief Compliance Officers (CCOs) and those responsible for developing and implementing #compliance policies and procedures for an organization – Step by step for your first year on the job courtesy of Jonathan T. Marks and Thomas Fox.”
Sofia El Mansouri CCEP-I, CFE | Director of Business Conduct and Compliance
Jonathan T. Marks
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