Collegiate esports team

Collegiate esports drives recruiting, retention and engagement

Is your institution looking for a strategic and cost-effective way to be more innovative and competitive and enhance student engagement? Consider creating an esports team.

Baker Tilly’s collegiate esports specialists Dave Capitano and Adrienne Larmett share the captivating opportunities an esports program offers colleges and universities in this quick video. Watch as they discuss:

  • Various departments an esports team can fit at an institution
  • Infrastructure needs and growth plans
  • Campus- and community-wide engagement
  • Increased student recruiting and retention

If your institution is considering launching an esports program, or has recently established a program, we can help:

  • Assess the organizational structure to help determine where esports best fits at your institution
  • Assess the relevant compliance and eligibility requirements based on where the program will ultimately sit, and determine the appropriate monitoring needs
  • Identify infrastructure requirements and technology needs
  • Evaluate financial aid and marketing investments and resources
  • Make recommendations to support the establishment of an esports program based on our assessments and analyses

For more information, or to learn more about how Baker Tilly's higher education specialists can help your institution, contact our team.

David Capitano
Adrienne Larmett
Team meets to discuss data analytics of financial results
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