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CECL candid conversations: a Q&A driven by you

With only eight more months until the CECL deferred effective date (for entities with a Dec. 31 fiscal year end), we are receiving more and more questions from our clients. We wanted to hear what's on your mind and work on finding a solution together.

Our CECL subject matter specialists answered your submitted CECL questions. With extensive knowledge of the regulatory hurdles, available methods, data and technology requirements and the validation process, we are here to help organizations like yours go beyond simply achieving compliance. There’s still plenty of opportunity to use your data to address your future business objectives and gain a strategic advantage.

Here are a few examples of submitted questions we addressed:

  • What qualitative factors should I use?
  • How can we use our own loss history in developing our assumptions for the model?
  • What type of forecasts should we use for our organization?
  • If M&A is a possibility in the future, is there anything in particular that we should consider or address prior to our bank’s conversion?
  • What is the benefit to stress testing our model if we’re already doing parallel runs?

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