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BuzzHouse: Identifying state tax credit programs' key aspects and how to advocate for expansions

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On this episode of BuzzHouse, hosts Don Bernards and Garrick Gibson are joined by Chris Hite, President of Sugar Creek Capital, and Philip Gilman, Director of Tax Policy for Sugar Creek Capital. Chris and Philip discuss the primary differences between state tax credit programs and how government and culture differences play into factor. They dive into the biggest risk factors for state tax credits, which mirror Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) risks and how state laws can change due to ever-changing environmental factors such as interest rates and borrowing costs. Chris and Philip also talk about the current landscape for the potential of new programs and extensions, including advice on how to advocate for each state’s respective programs.

Special guest

Chris Hite is President and Principal of Sugar Creek Capital. He oversees the business and works daily with developers and federal syndicators to evaluate investment opportunities. He also works with state authorities to shape state laws and regulations that support affordable housing. Before joining Sugar Creek Capital in 2005, Chris earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Missouri and earned his juris doctorate degree from Washington University in St. Louis.

Philip Gilman is the Director of Tax Policy at Sugar Creek Capital; his primary role is to lead efforts around the country to legislatively create or expand state housing tax credits. Prior to Sugar Creek Capital, he received his bachelor’s at the University of Tennessee and his Master’s in Public Administration from George Washington University. Philip began his affordable housing career building homes on staff with Knoxville Habitat for Humanity and later joined the Georgia Department of Community Affairs, eventually taking on the role as Director over all multifamily allocations.

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