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BuzzHouse: Digital equity: ensuring equal internal access for all

Baker Tilly's podcast series specifically for professionals in the multifamily housing industry.

On this episode of BuzzHouse, hosts Don Bernards and Garrick Gibson sit down with Jochai Ben-Avie, the co-founder and CEO of Connect Humanity. They discuss his company’s mission on providing holistic solutions to supply internet access for all and the means needed to participate fully in a digital society. Jochai talks about the issues within communities who lack internet access in a world that is becoming dependent on internet access and how they are funding infrastructure. The group also discusses specific indigenous programs and case studies to illustrate the implementation of these programs.

Special guests

Jochai Ben-Avie | Connect Humanity

Jochai Ben-Avie is the Co-Founder and CEO of Connect Humanity. He also serves as a Non-Resident Fellow at the Atlantic Council, a Truman National Security Fellow, a World Economic Forum Global Shaper, and a Board Member of Code for Science & Society where he chairs the Audit & Finance Committee. Jochai was previously Mozilla’s Head of International Public Policy and lead of the Firefox maker’s open source funding arm. During his time at Mozilla, he scaled the policy team from a solely US focus to a global presence active in shaping legislation across six continents to build a better internet. Prior to Mozilla, Jochai was the inaugural Policy Director at Access Now. His work shaped and grew the organization into one of the largest global digital rights organizations.

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