Building a World Series Line-Up of Marketing Technologies

Building a World Series Line-Up of Marketing Technologies

Managing marketing technologies is a lot like managing a World Series-bound baseball team. Professional baseball teams spend a lot of time, effort and resources to ensure that they have the best mix of players on the team. They dive deep into the value and ability of each player and carefully pick the lineup they think will give them the best shot of winning a World Series.

Similarly, a company invests in many types of high performing marketing applications, each with tremendous potential. The challenge is how to recognize and cultivate each technology’s strengths and develop a strategy so they perform at their highest level. It takes a calculated strategy that first determines the objectives of your marketing technology program, identifies the technology strengths you have, fills in the technology gaps, and then uses these technologies in the right order.

This eBook covers the key topics below, to help you build a modern marketing technology strategy and get your marketing team positioned for a marketing performance management home run.

  • The marketing technology landscape – options and capabilities
  • How to master the fundamentals
  • Enhance your technology roster and fill in gaps
  • Understand the versatility of your line-up and set your batting order
  • Monitoring and metrics to enable the right adjustments

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