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Big data analytics: answering the unanswered questions

Legacy Business Intelligence tools don’t have the capability to effectively capture and distil new forms of data, such as social media, medical notes, machine data and other forms of unstructured data. Information that often holds the answers to your unanticipated questions. To further exacerbate the problem, industry analysts currently project that over 80% of all new data will be in this unstructured format.

Emerging big data analytics solutions can now handle these unstructured data formats to create meaningful insights to help answer the questions you didn’t plan for. Companies that recognize this and move with speed to gain new insights and create new connections to their customers, people and suppliers have the potential to become a disruptive force in their market. Insights that can ultimately help identify competitive advantage opportunities that create lasting impacts on top-line revenue and market share.

In this executive briefing, we’ll cover how businesses are pioneering this technology to win and shape their markets.

Join us to hear

  • Guidance to help turn your organization into a faster, better competitor with big data and analytics
  • What paths businesses need to choose to make smarter decisions regarding analytics adoption
  • How "people and culture" are major drivers for analytics and why you need to focus on these areas
  • Why you need a premeditated approach to big data and analytics

Featured speakers

John Runte

Principal, BI & Analytics

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