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Best practices for preventing fraud and misreporting in admissions and institutions, part 2

The fallout and consequences from recent scandals in admissions and institutional data reporting continue to play out. In our October 2019 webinar, “Climbing the ranks: best practices for preventing fraud and misreporting in admissions and institutions”, we provided participants with an overview of the admissions and data reporting landscapes, identified how the fraud and misreporting occurred and the ensuing impacts on institutions, shared common operational challenges in both areas, and presented high-level approaches for evaluating controls in both admissions and data reporting.

In this follow-up webinar we will explore audit approaches and plans in greater detail. Participants will be provided with suggested audit objectives, audit programs and testing procedures. After this webinar participants will be able to:

  • Determine which areas of the admissions and data reporting processes to evaluate. Presenters will share several suggested approaches and audit objectives
  • Develop comprehensive documentation and data request lists to help gain a better understanding of the admissions and data reporting control environment
  • Define key risks and related controls in admissions and data reporting in support of developing a risk control matrix
  • Identify key process owners and stakeholders who should provide feedback as part of the audit process
  • Develop testing procedures for admissions and data reporting to evaluate the effectiveness of controls

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