Case Study

Client experience: Benchmarking complex operational processes

Institutional challenge

A prominent university understood that background checks could be a helpful tool to aid the organization in its evaluation of potential candidates. However, the university also understood that performing background checks can be a costly endeavor that, if done inconsistently, can increase an organization’s exposure to risks (e.g., legal, compliance, and regulatory). The organization wanted a better understanding of current background check practices in higher education and engaged Baker Tilly to perform a nationwide survey.

Capabilities provided

Baker Tilly: (1) surveyed general counsel and human resources representatives of five universities in a similar geographic location to understand their current background check practices and their future plans; (2) synthesized the key elements of over 25 additional university background check policies and procedures; and (3) interviewed five employment screening providers to better understand non-higher education organization background check practices. We then aggregated the information gained during benchmarking to identify common themes and correlations for the university. 


The university gained a cohesive overview of current background check practices and was able to implement a program across the organization that incorporated best practices from peer institutions.