Benefits of Baker Tilly's Health Economics Approach

Benefits of Baker Tilly's Health Economics Approach

Baker Tilly's health economics approach is extremely well‑timed at this point in the healthcare system with regard to the emphasis on cost of care and really understanding the total value of a new technology that's coming to the market. There is some inherent skepticism in the system for both providers and payers in terms of new technology and its ability to influence costs and health economics.

Baker Tilly is stepping into that void and saying, "We can help develop that value proposition in a way that providers and payers are going to understand completely and show reasonable value estimates in the equation as we move forward with our clients." We can help our clients in many ways.

Most notably, with the experimental investigational label that often comes with new technology, we have the ability and the wherewithal to help companies navigate through that process. We also collect a dossier of information and data, both clinical and economic, as well as society guidelines, to really put together a value package that's going to facilitate effective discussions with payers and providers. This ultimately is the key to overturning that experimental investigational label that may be coming from the payers.

We've done this in many different situations in cardiac care, cancer care, orthopedic care and other disease categories where we have helped our clients to navigate through that experimental investigational label and to basically promote market access for their technologies.

It is extremely important to use a third party with payers because we bring credibility, but we also have that important experience. Too often we see our clients go to a payer and lose the right focus. We can really help things stay focused with their clinical and economic story, and we also have the relationships from doing this on a daily basis helps get a foot in the door.

One of the ultimate measures of success is how many lives are available to the technology through payer coverage. We have specific experience and have done value propositions that have led to millions of lives being covered and having access to new technologies.

This makes a big difference to us, to our clients and to the patients who are ultimately the ones benefitting from our work.

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