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Assessing your bank’s 2020 KPIs and preparing for what lies ahead in 2021

Understanding how your community bank measures up within the industry is critical to achieving long-term success, especially after the events that have transpired throughout 2020. With unforeseen circumstances and changes stemming from the coronavirus pandemic, government stimulus efforts (e.g., the Payment Protection Program, unemployment benefits, etc.), and low interest rates among others, it is more important now than ever to know how your banking institution compares to others in the industry.

Listen to Baker Tilly’s on-demand, informative webinar that discusses the key metrics in our banking industry benchmarks report and what those key performance indicators (KPIs) suggest about the overall performance and industry trends for the community banking industry. Our team of Value Architects™ discuss:

  • Observations about the banking industry’s most notable KPIs throughout 2020
  • How your community bank’s financial performance compares to others in the industry
  • The slowdown in industry consolidations in 2020 along with the current and future landscape for banking mergers and acquisitions (M&A)
  • The banking industry outlook for the remainder of 2021

For more information on this topic, or to learn how Baker Tilly’s Value Architects™ can help, contact our team.

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Banking industry benchmarks report

Understanding how your bank measures up within the industry is critical to achieving long-term success. Download Baker Tilly's most recent banking industry benchmarking report, previous quarterly benchmarking reports and additional insight articles that give you meaning behind the numbers.

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