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Baker Tilly’s exclusive interview with Gary Rappaport

Baker Tilly partnered with Bisnow, a prominent commercial real estate news source, to produce exclusive video interviews that provide behind-the-scenes perspectives from leading real estate developers, entrepreneurs and decision makers.

In the videos below, Todd Stokes, managing partner – D.C. metro area, holds an exclusive interview with Gary Rappaport, founder and CEO of Rappaport Companies. Founded in 1984, Rappaport has grown into a real estate powerhouse providing services focused on the D.C. metro area retail sector.

View all three segments to gain insight on Gary’s background, hear his philosophies and thoughts on the market and explore what he considers his most satisfying project.

Videos in this series    

Segment I: Meet Gary

Gary shares his background, philosophy and experience that has made him of one of D.C.’s top real estate developers.

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Segment II: How to raise capital and when to sell

The question of “when to sell” in the real estate market is key to capitalizing on your investments. Listen to Gary’s take on the best time to make the move and the important steps you need to take to get there.

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Segment III: Thoughts on the market

Gary provides his thoughts on the right balance of risk and return and why he will only develop in Washington, D.C. Watch this segment to learn about how Gary creates value in the retail market, why he’s not concerned about bricks and mortar development despite the internet explosion and what he considers his most satisfying project.

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