Case Study

Baker Tilly redefines an international research and development firm’s core business system

Our client’s need

An international research institute with extensive federal contracts and grants sought Baker Tilly’s assistance in evaluating the effectiveness of various system deployments.

Baker Tilly solution

Baker Tilly deployed a team to begin a diagnostic assessment, during which time we were able to identify short-term and long-term projects to help the organization shape their 2–5 year business plan around core business systems. The team quickly identified, prioritized and planned multiple projects related to the implementation of the company’s financial accounting system and related applications.

Results achieved

The international research institute was so pleased with the results of the diagnostic that management engaged Baker Tilly to address business process improvements related to the complex international nature of certain operations. Additionally, the organization asked for assistance in preparation for various government audits and system reviews and the implementation of revised operating procedures in the areas of contract setup and time collection practices, including the assessment and subsequent implementation of new system capabilities.  Baker Tilly also assisted in the accounting and system integration of a business acquisition.  Finally, we worked with the organization in the detailed analysis of certain system reports to resolve applicable accounting and financial reporting matters.

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