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Baker Tilly Digital announces strategic collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to accelerate digital transformation

Embarking on a digital journey can feel like a daunting endeavor with many opportunities for innovation and a multitude of solutions to consider. Successful transformation requires forward thinking in both market trajectory and advanced technology; igniting the power to reimagine the status quo and elicit positive change in not only your business outcomes, but also the people you serve.

Baker Tilly Digital is excited to announce our collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS). Leveraging AWS cloud services, Baker Tilly will enhance the value we offer through digital solutions and services, elevating our ability to advise clients across the entirety of their business.

So why AWS? “From the beginning of our journey with AWS, we [Baker Tilly] were impressed with their commitment to continuous innovation with new product releases, their dedication in seeking to understand and support customer needs, and the quality and cost-effectiveness of their products and services”. Baker Tilly Digital and AWS are working together to enhance the strategic approach and technical solutions that support customers through their digital transformation journey by providing a complete cloud services and management portfolio that will give enterprise customers fast, flexible access to the cloud.

About Baker Tilly Digital

The Baker Tilly Digital practice combines strategic market knowledge and advanced technical expertise that enable us to work with your organization across multiple digital needs. Our practice both uncovers and addresses the digital challenges your business is facing, provides informed perspectives on market trajectory based on experience, and works with you to determine the future vision for business optimization and customer value. Our service offerings and solutions encompass five pillars that are critical for any digital strategy.

Baker Tilly Digital aligns our service offerings around five key pillars that allow us to help organizations foster their digital transformation and growth. The five pillars are:

  • Data focuses on capturing the right data, at the right level, while enabling the distribution of insights in a secure and visually appealing way. Baker Tilly Digital works with companies to develop the best approach to leverage and optimize their data, while providing the analytical aptitude to derive valuable insights for growth.
  • The Cloud services consists of the Baker Tilly Digital team assessing everything, from the opportunity for migration, to developing cloud-based solutions, to full scale cloud transformation. Baker Tilly Digital assists companies through their implementation, migration and integration of current and future digital assets.
  • Build focuses on application design, development, and modernization. Baker Tilly Digital helps companies to envision current and future applications that better align with business objectives and sees them through to production.
  • Assess, while multifaceted, provides an audit or assessment of the current digital landscape, with the ability to hone in on areas related to architecture, application performance, governance and digital maturity. Baker Tilly Digital learns a company’s biggest challenges and business goals to better cater our approach to deep dive into the areas that provide our clients the greatest value.
  • Transform, often follows assessments of the current digital environment, works with the end in mind by understanding a company’s desired future vision. Baker Tilly Digital helps to define the optimal path forward considering technology, product strategy, governance and operational design.

Combining Baker Tilly Digital’s strategic lens in assessing and developing digital capabilities aligned to business goals, with AWS and knowledge within the digital world, together, we provide a robust suite of service offerings that can assist any organization with digital transformation.

If you would like to learn more about Baker Tilly Digital or our AWS collaboration, please contact us.

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