An introduction to MACRA

As many of you know, MACRA has been passed and is now going to be part of the fabric of healthcare moving forward.

For providers, it cannot be overstated how significant this initiative is going to be. It effectively adds providers and their partners, including hospitals, to the value-based care movement. It dramatically changes the way that providers are going to be paid for the services they deliver. Most notably, it’s going to have the specter of revenue gain or loss for providers based on key metrics that will be tracked for almost all providers in this country. Those metrics are going to be centered around quality, resource utilization, technology optimization and practice improvement, which will be another critical component. As CMS and its partners want to incent providers to begin the process of optimizing care in a value-based care environment, that will allow their beneficiaries to benefit from the new practice transformations.

We at Baker Tilly implore providers to prioritize MACRA readiness. This is a disruptive program with a lot of elements and moving parts. Practices need to make sure this is a priority within their strategic plan, moving forward. All practices need to optimize their performance within these new requirements and make sure they’re part of the solution CMS envisions.

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David A. Gregory
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