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Aligning intelligent automation with business growth

Many organizations want to use intelligent automation as a growth strategy but aren't sure how to approach it. One of the most important factors when it comes to developing a successful automation strategy is the identification and prioritization of use cases within an organization - use cases that can be implemented successfully, will be embraced by the organization and will deliver a high impact benefit for the business. We've found that there are three key steps to identifying the use cases with the highest potential.

1. Canvas the various departments in your organization.

Get input from these departments as to what are their processes? What are the pain points that they'd really like to consider for automation? In the end this will provide a robust master list of potential processes across the entire organization.

2. Within the master list, capture the four to five key metrics associated with each use case.

What is the frequency of the use case? What's the time consumption? Does it utilize structured data? By answering questions like these you'll end up with a great master list across the departments with key metrics.

3. Utilize critical scoring and prioritization using key parameters across the master list.

Such key parameters could be: What was the frequency of the use case? What was the time consumption? Is this use case impacting my customers? Is this use case potentially driving sales?

Once you have collected these metrics per use case and done this overall scoring, your organization is going to have a tremendous amount of confidence that it has scanned the field of potential processes and pain points across the organization. It's one of the most fundamental actions that your team can take to drive successful automation in your organization and will pay dividends in terms of your use case identification and prioritization. Watch the full video to learn more about how you can take your automation strategy to the next level.

Claudio Garcia

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