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Advanced accounting for public utilities

Accounting plays a crucial role in today’s public utilities. Most decisions made by utility managers, lenders, regulators and other governing bodies require extensive use of accounting and financial information. Indeed, a utility’s ability to succeed is directly related to the quality of its accounting information.

Baker Tilly’s energy and utilities practice authored a recent American Public Power Association (APPA) publication that examines complex practices in utility accounting. The advanced public utility accounting guide book provides both technical and managerial guidance, covering the following subject matter in detail:

  • Updates to technical guidance of GASB standards relevant to public utilities
  • Review of introductory public utility accounting theory and practice
  • Cost allocation
  • Rate design
  • Budgeting
  • Internal controls
  • Analysis and interpretation of financial information

This guide book is a substantial update to the 2012 APPA publication, also authored by Baker Tilly.

Access APPA's Advanced Public Utility Accounting guide book.
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