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A framework for auditing mobile devices

Everywhere you look someone is on their smart phone, tablet, or laptop. Mobility has moved information security risks from the work space to your employees’ mobile devices, and these devices are being used to conduct business with or without your organization’s approval. While mobile devices improve productivity and efficiency with increased mobility and functionality, they also, increase your risks, especially as worldwide laws and regulations regarding the privacy and security of data evolve. It is essential that organizations protect data on mobile devices and that internal auditors validate the protections are working.

The presentation covers the following learning objectives:

  • Overview of key business drivers
  • Understand different approaches for merging mobile devices
  • Identify the impacts of mobile devices to your organization
  • Analyze mobile device risks and identify controls

Learn more about how to balance the needs of your business and workforce with the appropriate privacy and security requirements in this Baker Tilly presentation.

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