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2024 COLA announced for employee benefit plans

The IRS and the Social Security Administration recently announced the cost-of-living adjustments to the applicable dollar limits on various employer-sponsored retirement and welfare plans and the Social Security wage base for 2024.

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Retirement plan limitation 2023 Δ 2024
401(k) and 403(b) employee contribution limit $22,500 $23,000
Catch-up contribution limit (age 50 and older) $7,500 = $7,500
Defined contribution plan maximum contribution $66,000
(plus catch-up)
(plus catch-up)
Defined benefit annual benefit limit $265,000 $275,000
Highly compensated employee threshold $150,000 $155,000
Key employee compensation threshold $215,000 $220,000
Annual compensation limit $330,000 $345,000
457(b) elective deferral limit $22,500 $23,000
Social Security taxable wage base $160,200 $168,600
Health and welfare benefit plan limitation 2023 Δ 2024
Health flexible spending account (FSA) contribution limit $3,050 $3,200
Health Savings Account (HSA) contribution limits:      
  • Family
  • Single
  • Catch-up limit (age 55 and older)

HSA annual deduction minimums:      
  • Family
  • Single

HSA out-of-pocket minimums:      
  • Family
  • Single

Dependent care assistance plan contribution limit $5,000/$2,500
(if MFS)
= $5,000/$2,500
(if MFS)
Qualified transportation fringe benefit monthly limits:      
  • Qualified parking
  • Transit pass/vanpooling


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