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Craft Analytics & Dashboard Services

Craft Analytics & Dashboard Services

What gets measured, gets managed.

Analyzing the right data will help breweries of all sizes identify opportunities for growth. With endless information available to breweries such as taproom sales, sales-to-retail (STRs), production, financial, marketing, syndicated data and state shipment reports, it is easy to become overwhelmed. Focus becomes difficult when you are in a state of data analysis paralysis.

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are the critical metrics against which progress can be measured. We specialize in craft beverage business intelligence through analytics — developing dashboards that offer KPI targeting/KPI tracking that will help you identify opportunities and avoid the typical pitfalls growing businesses encounter in volatile industries.

Key benefits

  • Identification of your KPIs
  • Data integrations that provide daily tracking vs KPIs
  • Business intelligence platform that displays data visualizations and optimal insight
  • Professional analysis by a team of craft beverage specialists
  • Actionable information to drive profitable results
Key performance indicators and projections
Key performance indicators time series

Dashboard capabilities

The craft beverage dashboard provides a comprehensive view of your sales, financial and operational needs.

  • VIP integration
  • Daily sales
  • Gain and loss paretos
  • Account-level analysis
  • Sales trend analysis
  • Management and rep level views
  • BBL, CE, POD and SKU slicers
  • Distributor inventory WOS
  • Variable pay
  • Systems integration
  • Profitability analysis
  • Balance sheet/P&L ratios
  • A/R and A/P aging
  • Cash flow summary
  • Cost driver studies
  • Breakeven analyses
  • Departmental target vs. actual
  • Systems integration
  • Production and packaging yields
  • Raw material purchasing efficiencies
  • COGS per BBL produced and sold
  • Labor productivity ratios
  • Tank capacity utilization
  • Inventory turnover ratio
  • Departmental variable pay
  • Prime percentage (taproom/ restaurant)
  • Industry benchmarking

The question is — is your data working for you? If not, contact our craft brewery team.

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